Choccy Mix

Choccy Mix

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Choccy mix cupcakes

-x2 Triple choc (Whip me up before you cocoa)

Chocolate sponge, vanilla and chocolate buttercream, topped with milk, white and dark chocolate decorations.

-x2 Ferrero (Nut thing compares to you)

Chocolate sponge chocolate buttercream, topped with Ferrero Rocher chocolate and chopped hazelnuts.

-x2 Chocolate orange (Simply the zest)

Chocolate sponge, chocolate buttercream, orange curd, topped with Terry’s chocolate orange slice.

-x2 Salted Caramel (Cara Chameleon)

Vanilla sponge, caramel buttercream, topped with caramel topping and fudge pieces.

-x2 Coffee (It must have Bean love)

Vanilla sponge, coffee buttercream topped with walnut and chocolate mochas beans.

-x2 Bueno (Come on Praline)

Vanilla sponge, vanilla buttercream, topped with Bueno chocolate and chocolate shard