25 years of Midsomer Murders

Midsomer Murders is celebrating 25 years with a documentary. The ITV special explores the appeal and popularity of one of Britain's most enduring crime dramas, which has been airing since 1997.

Over the years it has set the scene for death by fire iron, doped horse, pitchfork, Celtic spear, vintage claret, longbow arrow, and hatpin. There has even been an alien abduction.

At The Cake Shop, we were charged with recreating some of these on an enormous 14" x 28" cake, for the show, including death by chocolate, candle-wax, and cheese.  

A Mammoth team effort, it took 5 cake decorators and 2 whole days to complete,

The producers at WiseOwl Films got in touch with us after we had done some other cakes for this historic production (like this one for Neil Dudgeon's 50th Midsomer Murders episode) to celebrate the occasion and recreate some of the most iconic murders... in cake! 

The cake decorating team in the Oxford shop worked all hours to make this beautiful tribute, with Lucy sculpting all the murder victims, Beth working on the cottage, and Lily making all the scenery. Head Decorator Jenny then put it all together.

We were thrilled to see the cake used during every ad break, and hope the cast and crew enjoyed it.